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The Future of Food

A Futurespace project proposal
by André Boeing
this mashup page with copyright images
is intended for internal team audience only

ISS 2032 Modul

Airbus LOOP, a multi-purpose orbital module.

A Greenhouse in Space

The decks are connected via the so-called ‘Tunnel’ at the center, which is surrounded by a greenhouse structure at the center of the modules. The separation into different decks allows for an internal ‘safe harbour’ concept.
A. Boeing promotes Airbus ? Always a first time 😉


Wanted: new ideas to live off Moon resources

Making use of the very first resources of another world would be a major feat for our species, bringing us closer to living in space to stay. But reaching such a milestone will take sustained inventiveness and effort – so ESA invites your ideas to help make it happen.

SPUN Earth Expedition

In order to protect underground fungi, we need to know what is there. A recent analysis found that more than 70% of Earth’s known soil biodiversity hotspots remain unprotected by current conservation priorities1. SPUN is helping map patterns of mycorrhizal biodiversity, identifying under-sampled areas, and advocating for better protection of these communities.

Explore & Sample @ diverse places in Kassel, then Extract & sequence fungal DNA with Dr. Heike Ziegler, Futurespace. Sequence data strengthens and ground-truths mapping algorithms !

Urban Future Farming

Our very own Kassel Crowdfunding Winners

„Bei Future Farming beschäftigen wir uns mit der Automatisierung der Landwirtschaft. Wir wollen Flächen urbar machen, denen wir heute nicht die Produktion von Nahrungsmitteln zutrauen: Verkehrsinseln, Flachdächer, Balkone, Vorgärten… Wir bauen mit euch automatisiert Gemüse im Kasseler Stadtgebiet an. Werdet Teil der Crowd und gestaltet mit uns die Landwirtschaft von morgen regionaler, dezentraler, sicherer und gemeinschaftlicher. „

Vertical Farming inside Futurespace

Futurespace could be a Foodturespace, too.

Microgreens, Salad wall growing (The Giant Snails will be happy) and edible Mushrooms for the Futurespace BBQ´s. Smart tec to manage water, light and optimum conditions.

Growing while exploring and researching + full bellies.

Another good step in which the Futurespace as a location could be an energy and food producing space while enhancing the Air and getting classes + kids into the most important foundation for our life: food security

AND: LET´S replace our sugar drinks flatrate with our self grown and fermented lemonade varieties that really rock your taste buds while supporting the health of our young visitios.

Growing BBQ

The biohackers favourite that also are known for it’s unique lobster like taste palete and medicinal values.

Grow delicious, nutritious gourmet mushrooms all year round in the Futurespace while exploring grow conditions and fungal species

+ It’s fun(gi) for all futurespace guests.

When ready it looks like this – cooked in the fantastic Futurespace kitchen

Gaming & Games as simulated food environments

In our media educational Future Space Explorer project we already startet to include food security into our planet exploration and climate research stations. Here, you see a greenhouse research station on an arctic planet growing food for the researchers community which can be visited in VR with our Meta Quest glasses. With the Hololens 2 AR glasses we can augment the food stations within Futurespace with engaging educational content.

We are currently launching the PIXL planet settlement and food security program in Minecraft. Our carrots are already super tasty


Futurespace could include food & health security into it´s existing MINT & Media programs, use it´s walls more efficiently with nutritional value and air enrichment, it´s kitchen more tasty & healthy, it´s games more attractive while teaching us all about the foundation for our life wherever we are and will be: past, present and future: food